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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

iPhone - Cool Stuffs :: BiteSMS::

Hye there! Damn tired this week..Lot of stuffs going on..Office..Home..Parents..

Girlfriend ??

No I dont have one..Yeah! Enough! Today just a simple basic application introduction that iPhone user might not really need it but love it!! Yeah....Its a "BiTE SMS" !!

What is it duuuuude.. ? A "bite" before sending SMS ?

Nope!! Just an application which allowed you to send SMS!! What so cool with this stuff ? Not much.......

( what the~ )

Heere we go! It is just a better interface of SMS which presenting your contact's photo on it..thats it..Look's cool for me..haha!!

This is the applicaion called

" BiTE SMS " !!

Here is one of my contact's. She's beutifull rite.. ?

Sorry she's


(Sample purposes only)

( Recently we co-operate to do some network testing basically on International SMS and thats how I've got the idea on this post! Haha!!)

On the lockscreen ( which whenever SMS coming in ) this is what it looks like!

Cool isn't it .. ?

On your the inbox interface it will look like this..

Another future is smiley... Nowadays gadgets and devices comin with this kind of interface future thou..

This is what you see when you are about to send or composing the message.

And some of the configuration that you might change it sooner or later once you got this application.

Where to get this application..??

GoOGLE it!!!

See ya!!

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NISA' nis said...

application dah best dah..model tu jer...xboleh blah..hak3