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Saturday, July 24, 2010

:: fORmuLa of an " i " ::

:: fORmuLa of an " i " ::

Hye everybody!! Today, as per normal...what is it ? iPhone4 ? No no No..iPhone4 is still under my observation eventhough I've done with the pre-order
I stiLL hAvEnt fInIshEd with iPhone3G okay..
soooo...just wait and see dude..hahah!!


I heard lot of rumors like
" dont buy iPhone dude..all aplication need to purchased...all need to pay...if you use iPhone will definitly need a


of money to spend on it...Just use a smartphone..easy..."
Too bAd fOr mE beCauSe i dO LoVe mY iPhone sO muCh..pheeeewwwwww.....
So now...

Based on the consumption and those rumors, I try to conclude it in a 1 word and guEss whAt .. ??
i FouNd a vEry gOod pHySics




aLL tHose tHiNg!!!!!

* Before you continue, you may need a pencil, piece of paper and a rubber to culculate this! Calculator is prohibited!!! ( Haha!!! )

iPhone = spend money X problem so, lets assumed that.....
x = iPhone
g = spend money
f = problem
gx : spend money X iPhone
fx : solve problem X iPhone
spend money X iPhone = wasting time
solve problem X iPhone = wasting time
gx = wasting time
fx = wasting time

whErE ,

(need time) X (spend money)
-------------------------------- = 0
(need time) X (solve problem)

(need time killed by need time)
(spend money)
---------------------- = 0
(solve problem)

finaL :

--------- = 0

so :

--- = 0

( If you got money and devide your money to your problem , it solve your problem right ? )

x = (gx)[(spend)x(solve)] x (fx)[(spend)x(solve)]
x = [x]{ [(g)(spend)(solve)] } x [x]{ [(f)(spend )(solve)] }
x : ----------------------- = [x] (g)[(spend)(solve)]
[x] (f)[(spend)(solove)]
(x killed by x)
--------------------- = [x](g)[(spend)(solve)]
------ = [x](g)
:: >> [ (spend)(solve) killed by (spend)(solve) ]
------ = x

x = -----
----- = 0


x = 0

(x = iPhone)
(0 = nO mOrE pRobLeM)

iPhoNe = n0 m0re pr0bLeM fOr mE !!!

what do you think ? =)


sizukaDeboss said...

err.math?oh pengsan~haha.

chairooL ruLez said...

enginnering math...haha

cik Nemo said...

ya ampun ! formula ape bendanya nih? ahaha~

chairooL ruLez said...

ini ade lah formula ku! huhuhu!!

NISA' nis said...

formula pemennderrr ni brooo??
saya kate ikan paus (translate sendiri!)...masak lemak ikan keli bakar satuuuuuuuuu!

NISA' nis said...

kalu xkene beli setiap application,sumer nak free... camne company nk untung..kui3

chairooL ruLez said...

apple Mac not my company...huhuu...nk berjimat cermat laa...ahaks!!

~ar!eyko san~ said...

gler cool formule tu...huhu style!

Anonymous said...

add math is fun !!!

ayin~weeweet said...

no prob as long u hv a looooot of money haha

chairooL ruLez said...

fendi : yeaaaah right..i hate add math eventhough got a perfect score for SPM..damn hate it maaan..

ayin weeeeeeeweit!! : nowadays iPhone market price much more cheaper than Sony Erisson Satio you know..hahaha!!

zty said...

fuuuh,fomula fizik ka +math ni?

izyan said...

wah..hebat la formula tu
tapi i tanak try la

chairooL ruLez said...

zty : fizik + math engineering + add math
izyan : agak ampeh di situ