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Monday, July 19, 2010

You Love Your i-Phone as much as I do ?

Good day lady's and gentlement..
My applogize for not including on how to unlock the jailbroken iPhone.
But dont worry!! On tonight show you'll be lovin it once your iPhone fully
wracktivated and Unlocked!
it is much more simple on hw to unlocked it anyway..What should you do?
First!! Locate an application called...

Open it and let the application fetching required data and finished reorganizing your Installer package.

If you got your head knocked on confused, basically this is the actual icon of Cydia application..

Once done the application will closed automatically. Then you need to reboot your device to get everything refreshed.
Next, re-open the Cydia, and you will see this interface >>

Let the package load all the data fetched on the first point of lounched before.. Once done, can you see the " Manage : tab at the botom ? GO there dude and you'll see this >>>

Okay now tap on sources and you gona see this >>

Tap on edit > add sources..

You'l be prompt to enter the URL of the repositories.

Type this : http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com/
* Ultra snow must be spell with number " 0 " ( zero ) not an alphabet of O.

Done typing? Tap on Add Source , and Done.YOu should be able to see this "behaviour" of interface guys..

You see the source added with a Question mark icon there ?

Tap it and here you go....Thats the file you need to unlocked you device... What else are you waiting for ? Tap it and you'll be promt to install it. And then ? install and let the "terminal" running to install the package..

*This installation will overwrite your OS and unlocked your restriction of network signal..

Done ?
Reboot and there you go....Its all yours dude.... =)


farahfatihah said...

beb, maaf yer, tulisan kamu terlalu kecil utk mata ku yg sedia rabun ini hehehe

cik Nemo said...

macam besh je. menarik oh..tapi takde i phone oh...:)

chairooL ruLez said...

xde iPhone ea...beli lah...
you can make a reservation at low yat plaza..huhuhu