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Friday, July 30, 2010

Beware of iOS4.0 Firmware!!! Its heavily lead your iDevice Damn SLOW!!!!!( Sometimes..hehe..)

Title : Downgrade iPhone 3G From iOS 4 To iPhone OS 3.1.3

Take a look at those pict guys .. Quite nice right.. ? Heell yeah.. If you did an upgrade to iOS4.0 firmware and trying to get this..You will enjoy a very good damn dissappointed! Why ?
Easy ansswer .. Its not compatible yet.. And even it is compatible, the firmware is not stable..

Today is not about this interface that I've got but its all about
What you should to in order to get this stuff!!
What is it ?
Check it out maaan..

what had happened today ?
Seriously I feel
You know why ?
Lot of thing I still cant do with this firmware..So I've decided to
3.1.3 Firmware
which much more easier for me to play around..

Guess what ? Several iPhone 3G users have discovered that iOS 4 makes their iPhone slow down and lag too much. If you are one of the people who have decided that the new iOS 4 features aren’t worth the slower load times and the lag, then here are the steps you need to follow in order to downgrade your iPhone.

Note: The process works the same way on both Windows and the Mac OS X. The only difference between the two is RecBoot. If you are a Windows user, pay close attention to the RecBoot process before diving in. Also, please read through the whole guide before following it, so you have an idea of what to do throughout.
• This guide may not offer consistent results. So please proceed at your own risk. • Do not forget to backup your iPhone before you proceed. You can refer to this post for instructions on how to backup your iPhone 3G.
• This procedure is strictly for iPhone 3G users. Apple has stopped signing the iOS 3.1.3
firmware and hence this guide will not work on iPhone 3GS as Apple has stopped signing the
older iPhone OS 3.1.3 files that is required to restore iPhone 3GS.

Step 1: Download iPhone OS 3.1.3

In all likelihood, users may already have a copy of the older iOS firmware stored on their computer.
If you are a Mac user, navigate to :
:: >> ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates and
look out for a file named

Windows users may check out this file at
::> C: \Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates.
( Location dependings on the OS that you are using )
Alternately, you download a fresh copy of the iPhone OS 3.1.3 firmware to your computer.
link : ( goolge it !! haha )
Save a copy of this iOS firmware on your computer desktop

Step 2 : Download RecBoot

RecBoot is an important utility that will help
in completing the downgrade process.
Download this tool on the link provided.
Step 3 : Set iPhone To DFU Mode

(a) Plug your iPhone to the computer
(b) Switch OFF the iPhone by pressing the Sleep/Wake button. Swipe across the ‘Slide to Power Off‘ option to turn your iPhone off
(c) With the Sleep/Wake button pressed, press and hold the iPhone Home button for ten seconds.
(d) You can now release the Sleep/Wake button while the Home button is kept in the pressed state.
(e) iTunes will display a window that reads, “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recover mode“. The iPhone screen will now turn black. This indicates that your iPhone is in the DFU mode. Click ‘OK’ to close the iTunes pop-up message.

Step 4: Restore iPhone 3G using iPhone OS 3.1.3 firmware

(a) Under the ‘Devices‘ section on the left pane of iTunes, click on your iPhone device.
(b) Hold the Option(Mac) or Shift(Windows) key down and click on the ‘Restore‘ button
(c) Navigate to the computer desktop and click on the downloaded iPhone OS 3.1.3 firmware to restore.
(d) iTunes will now begin the restoration process. This process will take close to 10 minutes or more for completion.

(e) iTunes might throw 1011, 1013 or 1015 error as seen below. You don’t have to panic. It’s normal, just ignore this error as the firmware has been successfully installed on your iPhone 3G. You need to use RecBoot utility to exit out of recovery mode.

Step 5: Exiting Recovery Mode

For Mac users:Navigate to your computer desktop and launch RecBoot. Click ‘Exit Recovery Mode‘. This will reboot the iPhone to the newly downgraded iPhone OS 3.1.3.

For Windows users:
(a) You may require .NET 4.0 firmware for the application to work.
( Can be found on Microsoft Official sites )
(b) Navigate to the desktop. Right click on RecBoot and choose Properties -> Compatibility
-> Run this program in compatibility mode -> Windows XP. You may skip this step if you are already on a Windows XP platform.
(d) From the computer desktop, launch RecBoot. Select the ‘Exit Recovery Mode‘ option. This will reboot your iPhone to the downgraded iOS 3.1.3 platform.
Step 6: Restoring Backup
iTunes will now prompt you to set up your iPhone. You can restore from a backup that you had created before upgrading to iOS 4 to sync your apps and data or set it up as a new iPhone.
Please note that it is only possible to sync with a pre-4.0 backup. Any backup file created after upgrading to iOS 4 might not be supported.
( I've tried mine but doesnt work.. )

chairooL's Copyright Protected © 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

:: fORmuLa of an " i " ::

:: fORmuLa of an " i " ::

Hye everybody!! Today, as per normal...what is it ? iPhone4 ? No no No..iPhone4 is still under my observation eventhough I've done with the pre-order
I stiLL hAvEnt fInIshEd with iPhone3G okay..
soooo...just wait and see dude..hahah!!


I heard lot of rumors like
" dont buy iPhone dude..all aplication need to purchased...all need to pay...if you use iPhone will definitly need a


of money to spend on it...Just use a smartphone..easy..."
Too bAd fOr mE beCauSe i dO LoVe mY iPhone sO muCh..pheeeewwwwww.....
So now...

Based on the consumption and those rumors, I try to conclude it in a 1 word and guEss whAt .. ??
i FouNd a vEry gOod pHySics




aLL tHose tHiNg!!!!!

* Before you continue, you may need a pencil, piece of paper and a rubber to culculate this! Calculator is prohibited!!! ( Haha!!! )

iPhone = spend money X problem so, lets assumed that.....
x = iPhone
g = spend money
f = problem
gx : spend money X iPhone
fx : solve problem X iPhone
spend money X iPhone = wasting time
solve problem X iPhone = wasting time
gx = wasting time
fx = wasting time

whErE ,

(need time) X (spend money)
-------------------------------- = 0
(need time) X (solve problem)

(need time killed by need time)
(spend money)
---------------------- = 0
(solve problem)

finaL :

--------- = 0

so :

--- = 0

( If you got money and devide your money to your problem , it solve your problem right ? )

x = (gx)[(spend)x(solve)] x (fx)[(spend)x(solve)]
x = [x]{ [(g)(spend)(solve)] } x [x]{ [(f)(spend )(solve)] }
x : ----------------------- = [x] (g)[(spend)(solve)]
[x] (f)[(spend)(solove)]
(x killed by x)
--------------------- = [x](g)[(spend)(solve)]
------ = [x](g)
:: >> [ (spend)(solve) killed by (spend)(solve) ]
------ = x

x = -----
----- = 0


x = 0

(x = iPhone)
(0 = nO mOrE pRobLeM)

iPhoNe = n0 m0re pr0bLeM fOr mE !!!

what do you think ? =)

Monday, July 19, 2010

You Love Your i-Phone as much as I do ?

Good day lady's and gentlement..
My applogize for not including on how to unlock the jailbroken iPhone.
But dont worry!! On tonight show you'll be lovin it once your iPhone fully
wracktivated and Unlocked!
it is much more simple on hw to unlocked it anyway..What should you do?
First!! Locate an application called...

Open it and let the application fetching required data and finished reorganizing your Installer package.

If you got your head knocked on confused, basically this is the actual icon of Cydia application..

Once done the application will closed automatically. Then you need to reboot your device to get everything refreshed.
Next, re-open the Cydia, and you will see this interface >>

Let the package load all the data fetched on the first point of lounched before.. Once done, can you see the " Manage : tab at the botom ? GO there dude and you'll see this >>>

Okay now tap on sources and you gona see this >>

Tap on edit > add sources..

You'l be prompt to enter the URL of the repositories.

Type this : http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com/
* Ultra snow must be spell with number " 0 " ( zero ) not an alphabet of O.

Done typing? Tap on Add Source , and Done.YOu should be able to see this "behaviour" of interface guys..

You see the source added with a Question mark icon there ?

Tap it and here you go....Thats the file you need to unlocked you device... What else are you waiting for ? Tap it and you'll be promt to install it. And then ? install and let the "terminal" running to install the package..

*This installation will overwrite your OS and unlocked your restriction of network signal..

Done ?
Reboot and there you go....Its all yours dude.... =)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

You Love Your i-Phone as much as I do ?

Just wana share with you who interested on iPhone stuffy..
The iPhone Dev team released their much awaited software solution to Jailbreak iPhone 3G with RedSn0w. Dev team already released unlock for all firmwares since OS 3.0 up to iOS 4 with Ultrasn0w. Soo....here a simple-pimple guideline for windows user..
( Ubuntu ia not supported )

Basic introduction : redsn0w is a lightweight, multi-platform jailbreaking, unlocking and
customizing tool for the iPhone 2G (original iPhone), iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS,
iPod touch 1G, iPod touch 2G, and iPod touch 3G.
( That would be enough )

In order to do this, you're gona need some stuff..
( be carefull if this is the first try for you guys.. )


* Redsn0w Tool from Dev-Team
( link : http://sites.google.com/a/iphone-dev.com/files/home/redsn0w_win_0.9.5b5-4.zip)

*OS4.0 for iPhone3G
(link : http://www.ihackintosh.com/2010/06/links-to-download-ios-4-for-iphone-3g-3gs-and-iphone-4/)

( link : http://www.ihackintosh.com/2010/06/download-itunes-9-2-jailbreakers-stay-away/)

Finished downloading ?
( it pissed you I guess as the file is in a hUgE siZe..hAhA!! but its worth it anyway.... )

Now~! We move to the Preparation !!

First Phase :

Connect iPhone with usb to your PC/Laptop and let the "sync" process on iTuned finished.
( If not sure, please back up you iphone first.)

Once done,
On " summary page " click on restore and hold on the " Shift " key while clicking on it.
Browse the location/path that you store the custome IPSW that you've downloaded.

Choose the file and restore will automatically running..
Once done, you will be prompt wether to setup as new or sync from back up.
( I used to set up as new because of I want a fresh installation and I dont really mind on the application as its all jailbroken and I do have my own copy )

If you prefered to store back your data like application, photo, contacts, messaging and etc,
Continue with " setup iPhone from back up : < ( your iphone name ) >
*This to store back all your application..
(its all your choice dude...)

I guess we're good to go on the
" Wrackint0sh = Jailbreaking Pr0cess "
Now... Are You Ready ?

Step One : Create a folder on desktop and name it whatever you want, in these following article renamed it wrackintosh. Now put all your downloaded files in the wrackintosh folder. Now connect your iPhone to the computer, and let it on " off status " ( COMPULSORY )

Launch RedSn0w from iHackintosh folder. In the new Window click on the browse button to navigate to the wrackint0sh folder on your desktop and select the iOS 4 firmware ipsw.
Once the IPSW firmware identified, you will be lead to this page.
Dont mess arround with the option. I would recommend you to choose " Install cydia" , " Enable Multy-tasking, home screen wallpaper and battery percentage " . The rest just leave it as this is for advanced user. Then, what else ? Click next dude dont take so long to think about it..

And now is the imp0rtant process to put your iPhone on the DFU mode...What is this maaaan... ?
( Some of those people who failed on jailbreaking process called it Definitely F*cked Up mode but on the professional/technical terms DFU stand for Device Firmware Update. It so called recovery mode or safe mode...Errrr...whatever.. )

Now please " slide Off " your iPhone!!!

*Make sure you read this til the last word before you click on any " Next " button!!!!
Before your finger out of control and wanted to click on the " next buton, please get ready your hand to hold your iPhone okay..This is a very quick process and failed to follow so will lead you to get a " DFU mood.. " HAHAHAHA!! So ! Get your finger ready on the power button because once you click on " Next " you will be prompt to turn the power button on and the process is just 3 second be fore you'll be prompt to press the " Home " button.
( Home button is the only one physical button on your screen okay dont tell me you dont even know how to find it!! )

You need to hold both power and home button to go to the DFU mode. After 10 second, release the power button without releasing the home button, and hold it ( home button ) for 30 second.

DONE ????

Not so fast dude.... Just take a look on your iPhone, if you can see the device is uploading the " RAMdisk, you're on your way to break it.. Just wait and see..
If you follow exactly the instruction given, you got it man....You got your iPhone Jailbroken!!!

Feel free to drop your email for more enquiry/clarification/dificulty especially on "DFU" mode!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ini betul betuuuuuuuuuuull...bukan cobaaan.....

Title : Teringin Nak Bakar Semua Orang Yang Drive Camry Colour Putih!!!

Hah!! Tu adelah perasaan aku dari siang tadi samapai la sekarang nih! Hari ni ku ditimpa cobaan demi cobaan..Mule2 bangun lambat , dari sungai besar aku teruuuuuuuuuuuuus tekan pedal minyak sampai Sunway..dan bile aku tengok jam, baru kol 7.45AM..huuu...okay la tu..banyak mase lagi..lalu aku menekan button " play" di cd player kreta aku dan berkumandanglah lagu2 seperti Beutiful - Eminem, Thunder - Boys Like Girls & unbelievable - Craig David..Tibe2, ade camry kale putih yg ngah drive laju ( kat area selekoh Extreme Park menghale ke PJS9/1) dan mangkok ayun tu dimn headlamp..make aku pon dengan sopan tkan break , slow down the speed, pulled stearing ke kiri untuk memberikan laluan..lagipon hujan makin lebat..so...nk drive slow and steady la konon2 nye..tapi tak sempat stearing aku nak lurus ikut line jalan tu tibe2....BAMN!!! schreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet......!!!! BAMN!!BAMN !!!BAMN!!! BAMN!!screeeeeeeeetttt...!!!! BAAAMMNNN!!!...... Pssssssssssssssssssst..... Camry tu "kiss" ckit jerear kreta aku belah kanan, then kreta aku ter-slide ke kiri, langgar devider ( sebelah kiri jalan ) then spin 2 kali, langgar devider sebelah kanan lak, then kiri-kanan-kiri ........alllaaaaammmaaaaaaaaakkkkkkk.....berasaaaaaaaaaap sudaaaaaahh...aku tengok camry tu blah cmtu je siap angkat tangan say good bye lak tu...perghhh...goyang gile takut kreta terbakar, aku dengan sedaye upaya, tarik kaki aku yg tersepit kat pedal minyak , cube kua dari tingkap sbb pintu tak ley bukak...TIBE2!!!

Schhreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttt...!!!!! BAMN!!!!!! Aku yang ngah tersangkut kat tingkap tu terus tercampak kelua kreta dan terpelanting ke semak samun tepi highway tuh...adeeeehh.....sebuah Kia Spectra yang memandu laju telah hilang kawalan dan melanggar kreta aku lak...haiiyyyoooo......ingatkan da abes dah..aku baru je bangun nk gi kat kreta aku sebab nak amek phone and call makhluk2 yang sepatutnye ( seperti towing truck, Polis and etc ) sekor lori antu lak mai hinggap kat kia spectra yangtelah melekat rapi di depan kreta aku...haaaadooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...

maki jahanaaaaaam kreata ni...adeh deh deh...tak cakap banyak dah, terus amek phone, nak call polis and towing truck..then aku teringat! Lesen aku idop lagi ke da expired ea ? LALU!! aku kuakan dompet aku , bile aku check, ceh!!! adeyyyy.......expired semalam la plaaaaaaaaaakk...adoiiiiiiiii....ape lagi...call abah aku!

angah : Assalamualaikum bah..
abah : alloooooo...waalaikumsalam,,apehal pagi2 bute tpon abah ? ade utang ke ?
(apekah respond ini ? adooiiyy....)
angah : angah baru je excident ni..kat LDP ( Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong )
abah : hahaha!! lawak sangat la tu...pagi excident, kang tengahari langar bomba, malam lak jatuh helicopter! Nape tak masuk raja lawak jer ? ( ayat ni aku slalu gune time abah aku bercerite zaman2 kecik beliau dahulu )
angah : abaaaah....ni excident bah....naek kretaaaa....betul2 excident niiiiiii....kne langgar..pastu terbabas langgar devider...(cube untuk meyakinkan abah aku )
abah : kejap ! nak pegang kepale abah nak rase basah ke tak ... ( aku pon sengal gi senyap lak tunggu abah aku bagi respond seterusnye.. )
hah! nasib baek abah pakai topi tak de la basah kepale abah kene kencing! hahahaaaa...
(kalau korang nak tau, kencing = tipu @ acah2 ayam )
angah : adoiiiyyyy....abah tngu jap lagi dapat MMS tengok betul2 kreta sape yang dah nak roboh tu ea.. ( dengan intonasi merajuk dan terus hang up, create MMS, snap pict, dan....yeah...MMS sent! pastu aku terus wat tak tau, call towing )
tak sampai 10 minint tpon aku berbunyi..abah aku tpooooooooon...

Abah : alo !!ni betol2 excident ke ?? ( ape da abah...da nmpak dlm MMS tu kan...lagi mau tanyaa...ingat picture camtu boley edit gune photoshop ke ... )
angah : betul la baaah.....ingat maen2 ke.....
Abah : Betol2 la ni ? bukan cobaan ?
angah :ye betooooooool betooooooooooooooooooooooool... bukan cobaaaaaaaaaaaan.....
Abah : langgar ape ?macamane boley excident ??
( time ni lebey kurang kol 10, towing pon da tarik kreta aku gi balai, aku lak ngah ondaway nak blik umah....lalu aku pon dengan banggenye menjawab.. )

angah : tadi pagi mase ondaway nak gi ujibakat raja lawak, ade ternampak helicopter nak jatuh , lepastu nampak bomba cube selamatkan helicopter tu, pastu terus excident bah...puas hati..? angah da lambat da ni..nak gi ujibakat..kang lambat tak sempat lak....
abah : ko dah lame idop ke ngah? orang tanye betol2 ko maen2 lak!!
( tau lak marah tadi aku bgtau betol2 excident dye sruh gi masuk raja lawak...apekaaaaah...)

lalu aku pon menceritekan lah ape yang berlaku...

Teruk gile kreta aku nih..anggaran kerosakan lebih kurang RM9000++...huuue......da la baru modified...skirting baru...tinggal nak caat kale putih jer....se-ka-li..wa kena la beb...bkang tak teruk sangat..sebelah kanan e teruk...pintu depan sebelah driver seat memang total lost dah..Sebelah boot depan memang habis daaaah.........senang cite sume habis je lah! nasib baek tak meletup je tadi..kalau taaaak....
Sadaqalaaaaahul 'aziiiiiiiiiiiiiiim..

aku memang cukup hangin dengan mamat nek camry putih tu...rase macam nak bakar je sume kreta camry yang kale putih! kot ye pon da langar meh la berhenti dulu tolong kua kan aku pon ckup la kan...ni tak....trunkan cermin, siap bubyeeeee plak......no plat kete mangkok tu lak aku tak dapat nak bace ( sebab rabun..contact lense brtrabur mase excident tu...tak nampak...)
haaaiiiiiiiiiiiih.....apelah nasib ku...cooba-aaaaaaaaaaaaaan............